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"PLUTO+" is a group to send information on one garden and some shops that exist in the SecondLife.

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Jun 19, 2013

PLUTO+ Temporary store

nonino と Zacca は、現在仮店舗で営業しています。


nonino and Zacca do business now at the temporary store.
This is preparation for relocation of a store.
Relocation of a store will be performed in July or August.
Please check that a PLUTO+ blog reports.

仮設店舗 LM [ Temporary store LM ]


また、nonino では、この店舗移転のために一部商品の販売終了を予定しています。



And, nonino carries out the end of sales of some products for this store reduction.
The products in which the end of sales was decided are selling at a reduced price.
(A price becomes L$50~L$100 till July 15)

The products which carry out the end of sales are brought together in one place.

安売りエリアLM [ Bargain sale space LM ]