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"PLUTO+" is a group to send information on one garden and some shops that exist in the SecondLife.

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Apr 6, 2012

nonino's New item

Hello,I'll let you know of 2 new item!


* nonino * Zaisu (Japanese Floor chair)

There is also a Zaisu for Tiny Avatars.

nonino main shopで販売中です :)
sell this at nonino main shop.


* nonino * Hanami Tea SET

This is the sweets for cherry blossom viewing.

The "rez type" and the "wear type" are included.
There is also a Hanami tea set for Tiny Avatars.

これはPLUTO+ Cherry Blossom Viewingの会場で売っています。
ぜひ見に来てくださいねー :)

sell this at PLUTO+ Cherry Blossom Viewing.
Please come to see a new item by all means :)

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