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Mar 11, 2012

* nonino * Lanturn "SAKURA"

* nonino * Lanturn "SAKURA"

OK-Trans / NO-Copy+Mod

Included 2type:
Rez type(3Prims) and Wear type(2Prims)

** nonino contributes all the profits of this product
to the Japan Red Cross for the Japan Earthquake relief.

** この商品の収益は、全て東日本大震災救援のために


Since the unprecedented great earthquake in Japan,
one year has passed exactly by today.

In 2011, Japanese people were encouraged by many messages from overseas.

I was working by SL and thought that it was good.
It is because I heard the voice of real encouragement from a foreign country.

A common Japanese seldom has exchange with a foreigner. I told them my SL friend's voice.

Thank you for the prayer for Japan.


noni Troncon
* nonino *