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"PLUTO+" is a group to send information on one garden and some shops that exist in the SecondLife.

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Nov 2, 2011

*nonino*Summer house again


リクエストの多かったSummer houseの販売を再開しました。

nonino began to sell *nonino*Summer house again.
(And also other houses and sky-boxes.)

(Summer houseと同じテクスチャを使用しています)

And changed the texture of the old product(* nonino * Raised Floor House).
A new texture is the same as the Summer house.

OLD Raised Floor House

NEW Raised Floor House

新しいバージョンのデモをSummer houseのそばに置いてありますので、
確認してみてください :)

Since the new version was placed near the Summer house, please check :)

Shop (お店LM)

Raised Floor House - DEMO (デモ設置場所LM)