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"PLUTO+" is a group to send information on one garden and some shops that exist in the SecondLife.

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Sep 2, 2011

* nonino * Bunny Item GATCHA

nonino started the Gatcha of the item for Ozimals Bunny.
If you make payment, you will obtain a random item.

Six items are contained in this Gatcha.
Two kinds of bunny beds. Three kinds of bunny baskets.
And bunny fence of a rare item.

The price is 30 L$ at one play.
Please come to try! :)
* nonino * Bunny Item GATCHA

noninoがOzimals バニー用アイテムのガチャを設置しました。


ぜひ挑戦しに来て下さい :)
* nonino * Bunny Item GATCHA